Aktuelle Delegation 2017

Gesamte Delegation

Die aktuelle Delegation von links: Tianyu Yuan, Victoria Mähling, Lisa Yu, Ailin Mehravar, Anna Keussen, Sophia Kramer, Anna-Katharina Schwarz, Tim Obermann, Adrian Müller-Achenbach, Julius Firnhaber, Shila Block, Anja Popp, Sophie Arz von Straussenburg, Alia Baltabey, Hannah Niemeyer, Madeleine Petersen Weiner, Anita Nelde, Lena Hornkohl, Julie Weinheimer, (Johannes Maurer)

Die Delegation 2017 hat die Republik Mazedonien in New York vertreten.

Die Vorbereitungen in Heidelberg und die Projektleitung in New York übernahmen Victoria Mähling, Julie Weinheimer, Tianyu Yuan und Johannes Maurer als Faculty Advisors. Die 19-köpfige Delegation repräsentierte die Republik Mazedonien in acht Komitees der Vereinten Nationen.


General Assembly First Committee (GA 1)

Name: Madeleine Petersen Weiner

Semester: 3


In NMUN, so many of the themes of my life seem to conflate—I am incredibly eager to learn from and contribute to the program. Having grown up in an environment with multiple and often opposing cultures (US-Germany; city-country; Jewish-Christian), I have been interested since my early days in understanding “the other,” and taking a position for myself. I have had to both orient myself in people’s expectations as well as explain and relate as to the differing backgrounds. The lesson learned is that no matter the differences, there are always mutual interests that can be discovered through communication. I cannot wait to apply this with students from all over the world at the conference.

NMUN offers the unique opportunity to immerse myself in a national identity that I am not familiar with and likely have to argue for a position that I may not (initially) share. This will be an amazing learning experience, both in terms of substance, as well as methodology and intellectual sincerity—since I would necessarily need to vet my own convictions against the position necessary to be argued on behalf of the country. Needless to say, for someone wishing to become an international lawyer, this is a training that cannot be topped. I am very grateful for having been granted this opportunity and look forward to the conference in New York with my team.

Name: Adrian Müller-Achenbach

Semester: 3


There is a strikingly growing gap between politics and philosophy. Politics is radically unphilosophical and philosophy is radically unpolitical. Nowadays we witness the victory of tactic over strategy: Visionary or utopian questions or answers facing the challenges of the 21st century are no longer part of the social-political discourse. But this is what the UN originally aspires to incorporate: being one of the greatest human visions about peace, global understanding and communication.

In times of post-truth politics when facts and figures seem to be a toothless tiger against emotional radicalisation, it is more than ever necessary to rethink and renew visions of that kind.

The space of what is sayable defines the space of what is doable. In the genuine spirit of the UN, that is why it is all about discussing, arguing and definding our values and ideals.

General Assembly Second Committee (GA 2)

Name: Lena Hornkohl

Semester: PhD Student


I am glad to be part of this great Delegation for NMUN New York 2017. The past sessions have shown, that we have a highly motivated and professional group and I am sure that our participation in the conference will be triumphant. In addition to my legal studies in Heidelberg and Uppsala, I finished my Rechtsreferndariat and gained various experience while working in Germany and abroad. Right now I am doing a Ph.D. in European Competition law, which will come in handy for our work in GA2 (economic and financial). I am looking forward to meet students from all over the world and discuss - and probably fight about - pending political issues. Being a bit older and further down the road of my legal career, I am confident that I can set a good example for our younger participants and lead our Delegation to success!

Name: Anita Nelde

Semester: 3


As the daughter of Russian immigrants growing up between two different cultures and a former exchange student to the United States, I was awarded with the opportunity to see the world through the lenses of various cultures and societies. It led me to believe that the only way to make reasonable decisions in international politics, to resolve conflict and benefit from cooperation is (not to agree, but) to simply understand your opponent’s position and there is no better way to learn about that than trough the simulation of international politics. MUN gives you not only the opportunity to improve your English and rhetoric skills, participate in interesting debates and share your experience with many interesting people from Heidelberg and all over the world, but also gain a better understanding of the world. I am looking forward to high-quality debates in beautiful NYC and a new challenge.

General Assembly Third Committee (GA 3)

Name: Sophie Arz von Straussenburg

Semester: 3


I am beyond excited to be part of the Law NMUN Delegation 2017. International relations become more and more important, especially in the light of recent events. I am therefore thrilled to have the opportunity to get a better insight into the working methods of the UN and to view the world from a totally different perspective as a delegate of The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia whilst improving my negotiation and debating skills.

Growing up in Beirut, New Delhi, The Hague and Berlin I have always enjoyed the contact with people from all over the world and I cannot wait to meet and interact with other politically interested and motivated students in New York. Although I have already attended MUN conferences in Germany, the conference in New York with over 5,000 students participating (plus the fact that we will be in the UN headquarters) will be a totally different experience and a challenge which I am ready to take on. I am very much looking forward to fruitful debates and generally to an exciting time in New York, the city of dreams.

Name: Sophia Kramer

Semester: 3


The UN as an organization has become one of the most important ones in our time. It is important to support the international relationships. The Model United Nations is an excellent chance to learn more about world politics, diplomacy and working with the United Nations. I am excited to use this opportunity to develop my skills for working in world politics and negotiating. This project unites students from all over the world to learn about peaceful relationships. I am looking forward to work with and meet students from different parts of the world. For me it is very exciting to represent a foreign country, to learn about political backgrounds and to understand different political views. I have spent time in many different countries and I am thankful for getting this very different opportunity to understand international relations.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Name: Ailin Mehravar

Semester: 6


My motivation is made up of three C’s: Choice, Chance and Change!

You must make a choice to take a chance or you will never change – That’s what I always try to keep in mind and that is why I chose to apply for NMUN 2017. And because I made this choice, I now have the chance to be a delegate representing the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia! Understanding the procedures and the structure of the UN as well as getting to know the values and perspectives of other countries, are just some of the goals I am trying to achieve during our preparation sessions and with simulating the UN conferences. 

After leaving my comfort zone during my semester abroad in Australia, I now know how enriching and unforgettable it can be to challenge yourself and to get to know people from all over the world. I am looking forward to challenge myself once again by improving my public speaking skills and by discussing international politics of such great relevance. I can’t wait to feel the intense and unique spirit of NMUN in New York with all delegates. I am convinced, it will not only be a chance, but also change a lot in our further lives!

Name: Hannah Niemeyer

Semester: 5


As a student of both law and political science I have a great interest in global politics and international interdependencies between states. I believe in the power of cooperation and a peaceful world order through international organizations like the United Nations. Therefore I am delighted to be part of the Heidelberg NMUN Delegation 2017 and to be able to discuss global issues in an inspiring area like New York. I am looking forward to widening my own perspective on what is right or wrong by getting to know young people shaped by different cultural backgrounds, values or political systems. I am willing to question and challenge my own convictions and to complement them by practicing intercultural dialogue and understanding.

In a world of growing complexities and global interdependence, political issues can only be solved in common. Hence I find it a crucial capacity to think globally, to negotiate and to compromise in order to find practical but also satisfying solutions which do not only fit leading western powers but do also respect positions of less powerful members of our world society. I hope to improve these skills and to sharpen my understanding of how international cooperation actually works in order to become capable of performing tasks on the overlaps of law and politics.

United Nations Human Rights Council

Name: Alia Baltabey

Semester: 3


Before graduating in 2014 I co-founded and ran a student company, participated in journalistic workshops, in various school activities and won some competitions. Moreover, I spent some time in the UK and Spain. After graduating I studied Business Administration and developed a strong interest in finance during internships in this area. In 2015 I began my legal studies.

I am utterly excited about the opportunities and the dynamic culture UN (hence MNUM) represents. I can surely relate to the passion about making a difference to people and communities and I am very glad to see how all this fits my own values. Above all, I am committed to help carry out an important role in the global world, working with a group of hard-working, enthusiastic and highly motivated students from all over the world who accomplish extraordinary results by pushing themselves to devise the best sophisticated solutions. Furthermore, while gaining a global perspective on leadership and world problems, I hope to develop better communication and negotiation skills needed to succed in a competitive environment.

The conference exemplifies the UN’s emphasis on building and training a strong team of world citizens, whose decisions, enthusiasm and commitment will one day shape the future global landscape. After all, ’the best way to predict the future is to create it’ (A. Lincoln) – this creation is certainly its own form of great power. I feel honoured to be a member of this year’s team and firmly believe that through this experience I can accelerate my learning experience and personal growth by stepping out of my student role.

Name: Tim Obermann

Semester: 3


I’m really fortunate and proud to be part of this year’s NMUN Delegation. After one year legal studies I wanted to tackle the challenge of sustaining myself in discussions with so many other talented law students from all over the world. Since I haven’t participated in any MUN conference, I’m really excited to start with this huge conference in New York. Representing the interests of a different country, facing difficulties while debating on foreign policy topics in the UN Headquarter– I imagine this to be a meaningful life experience. Thus I hope to improve my rhetorical skills, get used to speaking in front of large groups of people and widen my horizon. Now I’m looking really forward to work out some strategies with my team in order to represent our small country Macedonia in an impressive way at the conference.

United Nations Environment Assembly

Name: Anja Popp

Semester: 5


In a globalized world it is indispensable that as many states as possible work together closely and peacefully to solve the big issues of today. Facing global challenges such as climate change, waves of refugees, the exhaustion of resources, overpopulation and civil wars all nations must act in concert. That is why I am highly interested in politics and international relations, especially in the work of the United Nations. I also chose international law as main subject. Besides my studies I am involved in higher education policy: Currently I am chairwoman of the local green student association, consultant for ecology and sustainability of the student council, elected member of the university’s senate and chairwoman of the countrywide network of green student associations. My special fields of interests are global warming and sustainable development. To promote them, I write articles for the magazine of the WWF youth organization and plan campaigns. If there is still time left I like running, dancing, doing yoga, cooking vegan and attending rock concerts.

The participation at NMUN offers me the opportunity to see things form a different point of view while researching the positions of different countries on current issues and it will surely contribute to my understanding of political activities. Furthermore, I hope to practice speaking English and to improve my argumentation skills. I am looking forward to represent the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in New York and to meet students from all over the world.


Name: Lisa Yu

Semester: 3


Born as a German-Chinese with a family that is widely spread over the globe, my acquaintance with different cultures, beliefs and values was basically inevitable. With regard to this, displaying a liaising person between two completely different cultures has further evolved my strong wish to deepen my intercultural understanding and knowledge. This in turn has also ignited my great passion for disputing and debating current (world) affairs while taking on different perspectives.

In that context, I was able to display my passion through various social and political activities in the past, i.a. through my participation in several MUN conferences. This MUN experience of mine shall now be taken to a whole new level with the attendance of the NMUN conference in New York — mother of all conferences — from which I anticipate a lovely and of course highly instructive time with my fellow delegates.

International Atomic Energy agency (IAEA)

Name: Anna Keussen

Semester: 3


I’m glad to be part of the 2017 Heidelberg NMUN delegation. Yet I haven’t participated in any MUN events, so that I’m excited about how it is going to be during preparation time, at the German MUN events and in New York.

Interested in politics, international affairs and thinking about working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs later, NMUN will probably serve as a great opportunity to get a sight into the life of a diplomat. Being at the Headquarters of the UN will be an amazing experience and will show how diplomacy and the solving of international problems work.

Furthermore it is a possibility to connect with students from all over the world and an opportunity to exchange with different cultures. I hope to improve my skills in talking English and holding speeches as well as to expand my horizon in political affair. I’m sure being part of the delegation will be a fantastic time.

Name: Julius Firnhaber

Semester: 4


International politics is as important as ever. Whether it is the Syrian civil war, fighting ISIS, or finding solutions on how to deal with the refugee crisis, diplomacy is the key to finding a solution to international problems. NMUN teaches students to debate on/over current political topics with students from all over the world. Through NMUN you learn to look beyond your horizon and opinion. Furthermore, NMUN teaches you how to represent views that you personally do not share. Gaining such skills through NMUN is something I am looking forward to.

Moreover, NMUN is about meeting students from all over the world with different cultural and religious backgrounds. Getting to know people from all over the world is something I have enjoyed in the past, during my years abroad in the USA and Peru, and will enjoy during my time in New York. All in all NMUN 2017 is a unique opportunity and I am glad to be a part of it!

High-level political forum on sustainable development

Name: Anna Schwarze

Semester: 6


I strongly believe that the National Model United Nation should not only be seen as a simulation model. It helps to overcome boundaries and drawing the world closer together by bringing people from all over the world together, arguing on complicated topics and developing resolutions side by side regardless of culture, religion and social background. Consequently, the most important aim of the UN, maintaining peace, is also an outcome of its model version. Moreover, I believe that by experiencing difficulty of compromising contrasting views, the UN’s tangibility will increase. Nowadays, the UN is often undervalued. Their failures are emphasized while the crises which the UN has prohibited are invisible. However, I take the view that the world would be a darker place. Therefore, we should keep in mind that “the UN was not created to take mankind to heaven, but to save humanity from hell” – as one of the first Secretary-Generals, Dag Hammarskjöld, once said.


Name: Shila Block

Semester: 3


Hey hey, I am Shila, 19 year old and born and raised in Frankfurt Main. For the seek of studying I moved to the idyllic Heidelberg where I am now in my third semester of Politics and Public Law. Besides Uni, I am working at the Max-Planck-Foundation for International Peace and the Rule of Law and am a member of our students council.

My main motivation for the conference in April is my UN-idealism which is following me since high-school. The United Nation inspire me to dedicate my future to the solution of social and environmental problems that our community of nations faces. Moreover, this “UN-feeling” also raises my hopes that our generation can make the change and solve those problems. Though participating in the “Olympics of the MUN” I seek for new impulses from interesting and ambitious young people from all over the world. Besides, I am reeally looking forward to visit the UN-Headquarter!

Faculty Advisors

Name: Tianyu Yuan


For me the ideals and ideas of the UN have been a spring of inspiration and a source of challenge for many years. As much as they are appealing, their realization has proven daunting and discouraging. Many of these ideals and ideas remained wishes never coming to fruition. Nonetheless, I firmly believe that we are obliged to pursue the framework of a better international community on which we have agreed upon. Thus, I have been part of MUN-conferences since 2009 and I am truly grateful for being given the chance to coach delegations since 2011. I am especially looking forward to the 2017 NMUN New York delegation consisting of ambitious bright minds who, most importantly, have formed a wonderful team

Name:  Johannes Maurer


Having been a member of the very first NMUN Delegation from the Faculty of Law of Heidelberg University in 2011, I feel delighted to serve as a Faculty Advisor of the Delegation in 2017. The UN play an important role in providing a forum for exchange and discussion between every country in the world. This is all the more important in the fast-moving and uncertain ages we are living in today. The members of our delegation have already proven in their preparation sessions, that they are some of the brightest minds our faculty has to offer. That is why I am curious about seeing them in action at the NMUN Conference in New York City!